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We make superb relationships with our educators...

Math and Assessment

Proven, research based, reliable, effective programs.  Our software  has been rigorously tested and approved in research studies and by our schools.  Current users will glady share their success stories with you.

Professional Development
& Support

Your success and happiness is our success and hapiness. Our customers regularly thank us for consistent, real-time, caring, thorough support and training.  On-site and online professional development is customized to meet your needs.

We love Growth Mindset!

Check out these great videos, websites, articles and lessons supporting growth mindset.

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Our goals are simple, and vital.

  • Teach children to think deeply and embrace challenge.

  • Develop a profound understanding of mathematics.  

  • Provide educators with tools that are simple to use and add value to their daily lives.


We love working with students, teachers and administrators as well as the folks who create the amazing software programs we carry.  Connecting the people we care about with awesome programs is a Quantum Learning guiding mission.

We are a company with deep roots in our schools. Your success truly matters to us.

Need we say more? 


Symphony Math

Assessment & Learning Software

> Grades K-8

> Administered three times per year

> Provides standard score and  percentile rank Multi-Skill assessment

> Places student in optimal stage of math work

> 20-minute average test time

> Grades K-5

> Multiple Representations


> Research-Based and Proven


> Use At School and Home


> Concepts and Fluency


> Classroom Extensions

> Grades K-8

> Reports on math ability and growth.


> Struggling students are reported


> Guided Practice materials for use in small groups or 1:1 interventions.

> Perfect for RTI

Symphony Math Software

Learning the Big Ideas in mathematics doesn’t happen by providing a barrage of multiple choice questions. In Symphony Math software, students learn to represent concepts using a variety of visual models that help extend and reinforce their understanding. These models are tools that learners will master and use throughout their entire mathematics career.

Growing Your Math Classroom



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