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Phonological Awareness Workshop:

How to Help Struggling Readers in Pre K-5 Fill in the Gaps
Wednesday, July 11, 2018    9:30 AM-2:30 PM


Location:  Burlington High School 123 Cambridge St. - Burlington, MA


Certification:  Five Hours Toward Certification Requirements   (Special Ed, ELL, General Ed)

Registration & Questions:  Sally Grimes 508-776-2553 

(No cost for Burlington educators. Others: $150)   

Group Rates Available


  • The "Swiss Cheese Effect” is common in struggling readers and English Learners. They have often developed scattered “splinter skills” rather than complete foundational skills that become automatic. This is usually because about one third of all learners need much more explicit instruction with more practice time than is usually available. In addition,they simply can't proceed through instruction at the same pace as others in their group or class. This is not a special education issue, it is a general ed issue.

  • Thus, their reading appears dysfluent with poor comprehension. However, research has clearly shown that once Phonemic Awareness instruction has been intensely and explicitly taught at exactly their level...the critical foundation for phonics has been laid and reading improves dramatically. Otherwise, students' reading reflects knowledge of "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" which influences their academic and emotional development.


This workshop will provide a way to find out where "the point of breakdown" is in both phonemic awareness and phonics. Once each attendee decides which level of breakdown will be the area of focus in this workshop, three groups will be formed:

1. Very, Very Beginning Skills Needed
2. Early Learner Skills Needed
3. Older Learners Who Need "Re-Booting"

If an attendee wishes to focus on more than one of these levels, that can be arranged. Each person will be provided with hands-on materials with written instructions and time to practice with partners in the workshop as this is a "hands-on" workshop. These inexpensive materials may be taken home and replicated for further use.


*The focus will be on the broader awareness of sound (phonological awareness) for Pre K attendees, and on “meeting students where they are”.

Information about resources such as key websites, articles and curricula will be provided.

About Sally:

Sally has served in a variety of positions in the fields of Literacy and Language both teaching and providing professional development to administrators and teachers.

Sally has taught at levels ranging from pre-school to graduate school, performed clinical/educational evaluations, has worked with migrant workers, and served as Landmark School’s first Admissions Director. She is approved by the Commonwealth as a Trainer of Trainers for Social Emotional Development and English Learners.

Sally received her Master’s Degree in Reading and Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Registration & Questions: Sally Grimes  (No cost for Burlington educators. Others: $150)


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