Digging Into Guided Practice Materials

Years ago, teachers would ask us: "I see that some of my students are struggling in Symphony Math. What can I do to help them?" We knew that we needed to build offline materials that teachers could use for targeted interventions, and our solution was the Guided Practice worksheets. In order to get all students working on or above Grade Level, your use of these materials is critical. But what is the best way to use Guided Practice? Are they straightforward worksheets? Are they homework? In this week's Buzz we give a detailed description of how to use our offline materials to provide the best intervention for struggling students. Wait... When students struggle in Symphony Math, the program's a

Welcome to Your New Brain!

Symphony Learning loves the work of Carol Dweck and her Growth Mindset framework. We also recognize that integrating the ideas of growth mindset into your math classroom is a journey that requires support. We want to help. Each week you will receive a short email that suggests some ways to encourage a growth mindset in your students and your own teaching. You are the expert - consider us part of your support team as you grow your math classroom! An important idea in growth mindset is recognizing that our brains are muscles. Like any muscle in our body, we grow and change our brain through exercising it in various ways: through experimenting, working with others, connecting ideas, and especia

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